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Private Yoga, Group Yoga Classes and Corporate Yoga Lessons with STL’s best Yoga Instructor Billi Jo Hart. In-person & Online Yoga Classes based in St. Louis, MO.

Private yoga is for everyone.

Yoga can help you release your mind and soften your body, allowing you to experience how you’re feeling in the moment and learn to use your breath to improve your mood.

In my private yoga classes, I use flowing sequences with ample time to find your own alignment. I also provide modifications, including the use of props, to enable people of all levels to participate.

This practice is perfect for anyone looking to increase their mobility, decrease stress, improve their fitness and lead a more productive and joyful life.

- Types of Yoga Lessons -

Private Yoga Lesson with two fit women performing downward dog pose, adho mukha savasana.

Private Yoga Lessons

Yoga Lessons just for you or you and a partner. Private Yoga Classes can take place at home in St. Louis, my studio, or online via ZOOM! These are perfect for yogis who are just starting out, want to deepen their yoga practice, or have special concerns that need one-on-one guidance. If you’re worried about going in to a studio, this is a great place to start!

Big Group Of Adults Attending A Public Yoga Class Outside In a Park at Sunset

Group Yoga Classes

Yoga Lessons are perfect for your group, whether you’re looking for one time or recurring classes. You’ll get customized yoga lessons based on your organization’s needs, with virtual options available! This is great for churches, clubs, or a fun evening with friends! These yoga classes can take place at your organization, home, my studio or online!

Black Businesswoman doing yoga on a desk in an office

Corporate Yoga

Studies have shown that yoga can decrease stress and increase productivity, which is why more businesses are starting to offer yoga to their employees. These classes can be set up to fit around your schedule, with livestream and recorded sessions available so everyone on your team is able to participate!

Are you ready to start?

View my pricing packages and book your next public or private yoga class in St. Louis, either online or in-person!

- Why Practice Yoga? -

Increases Flexibility

Often when I tell people to try yoga they say "I can't, I'm not flexible!" That's the great part about the practice. You come as you are, and learn how to make yoga poses work for you. Over time, your flexibility will improve! If you're afraid of starting something new in a public setting, I can show you the basics of the practice during a private, one-on-one yoga lesson.

Injury Prevention
and Recovery

Increasing flexibility and building strength is huge in preventing injuries. Plus, yoga can be difficult or gentle depending on the style you practice, making it perfect to help recover from injuries. If you're worried about going back to class because of an injury, try a private yoga lesson instead!

to all bodies

There are so many types of yoga that everyone can benefit from. Through my public or private yoga lessons I can teach you how to understand you own body's limits and find out how to adjust yoga poses to make them work for you.

Improves Mood

Yoga teaches you how to tune in to your body and notice how you're feeling, then use your breathing and posture to change into who or how you want to be. You can use these skills to release from negative thoughts and improve your mood. Plus, group yoga classes are a great way to enjoy the company of other people, all while remaining safely socially distanced.

Decreases Stress

Yoga teaches us to let go of things we don't need and sit with things that are uncomfortable. Through deep breathing and yoga poses, you work to release tension in your body and mind, decreasing stress over time. I look forward to the yoga classes I take and think of them as a form of therapy; I always leave in a better mood than I arrived in.

Take a look at reviews from my past students!

Jane Kuntz
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I have attended Billi Jo's yoga practice over a period of several months, and I have always wished each one would last longer. She has an innate style that inspires trust, self-confidence and peace. I have been attending various practices at the Amara Studio for over a decade, with many different instructors, so I speak from a position of experience when I make my comparisons. Billi Jo has absolutely mastered the art of the flow class, where her steady and even-toned direction creates the ideal atmosphere for her students to stay centered and focused, but still relaxed and aware of our bodies. There is nothing intrusive or threatening about her teaching--believe it or not, some yoga teachers can be that way--and in a class full of people of various ages and abilities, everyone feels equally inspired to do their best, without being pushed beyond their personal limits. If Billi Jo offered a class every day, I would attend every day, and know that I would be in skilled and loving hands. I'm very excited to learn that she is pursuing further levels of yoga practice and instruction, and I wish her well.
Debora Pfeiffer
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For over thirty years, I have studied with all kinds of yoga teachers, including some with a great deal of training and experience, but I have seen few who are as gifted at teaching yoga as Billi Jo is. I have been attending her classes for the last several months on a regular basis, and I have found her to be consistently calm and steady in her demeanor and very skilled in her cueing. She puts a great deal of thought into the construction of the sequences, which she varies constantly so that there are always surprises for the students who attend on a regular basis. She also provides a number of modifications for the more complex poses. She is consistently welcoming, friendly, and approachable. She has the rare ability to make the class about the yoga and the students’ experience, and not about herself. Her attitude is one of respect for the practice and for the students. In her classes, students can explore both the poses and the feelings that arise within the poses in the space of safety that her calm and serene vibration creates. There are many people who can and do teach yoga well. However, there are a very few people who absolutely must teach yoga because they are born for it; Billi Jo is one of them. I recommend her classes to all yogis of every stripe.
Ken Reiterman
Read More
I am a beginner. This was a great start as Billi made me feel very comfortable and she is a great teacher. She will tailor the session to what you are wanting out of yoga. Definitely recommend Billi and I hope to continue using her services
Kathleen Murray
Read More
Billi Jo is my yoga instructor at another facility in Champaign. She is an outstanding teacher! Her verbal delivery is clear and smooth. Her explanation and modeling of the poses is quite helpful, as well as the recommended accomodations she suggests for the variety of yoga levels in our class. I highly recommend her as a yoga instructor for persons of all ability levels. I know I look forward to seeing her each week for my yoga workout!
Julian May-Mann
Read More
I went to a Yoga Class given by Billi Jo Hart at UIUC. It was a great class, and she is a great instructor. I had a great time!
Vanessa Burgett
Read More
JoJo has a very even and grounded presence as a yoga instructor. She offers a clearly planned out class with a continuous steady pace and rhythm.
Charlie Young
Read More
JoJo leads an excellent class that is accessible to all experience levels. She creates an environment of calmness that allows you to escape daily stresses and relax deeper into the poses. Cueing is clear without being imposing. The sequences are well constructed and effective. Overall the practices are always a pleasure to be a part of.
Manny V
Read More
Billi Jo is a terrific instructor. I look forward to her classes. She does an excellent job of cuing to ensure you are using the appropriate muscles and correct form. She always has a nice smile and words of encouragement.

- Private Yoga Pricing Plan -

Included in All Plans:

Private Yoga Lessons

One on One. Couples Pricing Available!
$ 99 1 hour lesson
  • Custom Yoga Plan
  • Couples only $125!
  • Personal Feedback and Lessons to use at home!
  • Discounts for recurring lessons!

Group Yoga Lessons

Groups up to 20
$ 175 1 hour lesson. Additional fees for space rental and travel if applicable.
  • Yoga Lessons on your schedule
  • Special pricing for groups over 20 available!
  • Discounts for recurring lessons!
  • Available for questions after class

Corporate Yoga

Up to 100 on ZOOM, large event pricing available.
$ 250 1 hour lesson. Additional fees for travel and special events.
  • Conveniently fits your workday
  • Perfect for lunch breaks, no yoga clothes needed.
  • Custom Plan to combat fatigue and tension from long periods of sitting

- About Your Private Yoga Instructor -

Fit young female private yoga instructor Billi Jo Hart sitting in lotus pose with prayer hands in St. Louis, Missouri.

Billi Jo Hart

I have been practicing yoga for over seven years, and remember the feeling of uncertainty and anxiety I had in trying something new. Because of this, I practiced on-and-off for several years before I fell in love. In 2018, I fully immersed myself in yoga and have come to find healing and peace as I’ve expanded my knowledge and gained my RYT-200 certification. I also have a trauma-informed yoga certification, enabling me to create brave spaces for others coming from traumatic backgrounds. My strength is in my empathy. Through this, I hope to recognize the difficulties others are going through and be a resource of support by assisting on and off the mat. I am a prenatal yoga teacher too! Message me for more information on starting (or continuing) your yoga practice while pregnant.

I moved to St. Louis in 2020 with my incredibly supportive partner and nearly 100 houseplants in tow. I’m so excited to start holding yoga classes for the STL area and be a private yoga teacher for St. Louis locals.

I'm an Interior Designer & Home Organizer too!

Follow the link to view my design-dedicated website to learn more about the services I offer.

Questions? Contact me!